Sustainability and our impact on the planet is becoming more and more important. Here at Grays Court we endeavour to do as much as we can to reduce our impact on the planet.

Energy Conservation

We have installed motion sensitive lighting in all operational areas to reduce energy consumption. Due to our Grade 1 listing we have done as much as we can to our single pipe heating system for 2022. Installing new radiator valves and pipe insulation ensures we are keeping the house warm but not wasting heat. Moving to LED and energy saving bulbs across the hotel has seen a dramatic impact on energy consumption.

Water Conservation

We invite our guests to reuse towels and only re stock if guests require more during their stay. We have implemented a "Pay Per Wash" scheme on our glass washer which means we only wash glasses when the machine is full.

Recycling and Waste Reduction

In combination with recycling efforts, we look for opportunities to reduce the use of paper and other disposables wherever possible. Glass, cardboard and plastics are collected by a local recycling company. All food waste from our kitchens is composted and used by our gardening team to fertilise our garden and edible garden areas.

Bath Amenities

Our complimentary Clarins guest bedroom toiletries are all-natural, essential oil-based, custom-formulated products. They are made without preservatives and artificial ingredients and packaged in recyclable containers. Clarins replace any ingredients they harvest and 73% of their packaging is recycled.

Cleaning Products

We have switched to NTRL no chemical cleaning products across the whole hotel. This is beneficial not only to the planet but to our staff who have noticed improvements in breathing and their skin.

Food Preparation

Local products, fresh and seasonal produce are a significant focus of Grays Court and The Bow Room Restaurant. We aim to provide sustainably sourced cuisine that offers our guests the unique opportunity to experience a greater connection to the region of Yorkshire that they are visiting. We utilise edibles from the garden on site and have plans to expand the edible garden in 2023.

Menu Selection

We aim to integrate organic produce, hormone-free meats and dairy, and other natural products that offer guests healthier food selections. Our produce is grown without chemicals, and we utilise organic pest control to avoid injury to wildlife.